Parents:  Bus route information will not be available until after August 11.  At that time, you can access the information on your school website, or contact your school office directly.  Parents of special ed students will receive letters in the mail prior to the first day of in-person learning.


Employees:  for the latest news available.

Fremont Bus Yard Dispatch

(480) 472-8950

千百万平台If your student's route begins with:

100's, 1100's, 500's, 620-624, 900's

Stapley Bus Yard Dispatch

(480) 472-0160

If your student's route begins with:

400's, 4400's, 600-619, 800's

Broadway Bus Yard Dispatch

(480) 472-6100

If your student's route begins with:

200's, 2100's, 700's

The Mesa Public Schools bus drivers provide safe and courteous service to students, transporting them on field trips and on daily rides to and from school.

Female bus driver in Mesa Public Schools shirt posed in front of buses

Field Trip Information

CPR, Van, and Golf Cart Training

When to Stop for a School Bus

Current Bus Driver Information

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