Volunteer with MPS

千百万平台We are happy to invite you to become a Mesa Public Schools volunteer. Our students, teachers and administrators greatly appreciate the work volunteers do throughout the district.  The safety of our students is of great concern to us. We have chosen to take various precautions to protect our children from adults who might bring them harm.

All of our community volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application Packet before being assigned to a volunteer position.  Individuals volunteering up to 60 hours as a part of their required course work must complete a Field Experience Volunteer Application Packet before beginning their field experience. Volunteers must bring the completed forms, including a signed referral form, to Human Resources during the following office hours:

Monday and Thursday only, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, appointments recommended by calling 480-472-0434
千百万平台(Note: offices will be closed during school holidays)

If you have any questions about volunteering in our district, or you have friends who might wish to become volunteers at MPS, please contact Volunteer 千百万平台 at (480) 472-0434. Volunteers do not need teaching experience.

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