Welcome to the MPS gifted program...

Mesa Public Schools gifted and talented department is committed to providing appropriate services for students who require differentiated educational services beyond those normally provided by our regular school program.  Opportunities for depth and acceleration are offered to meet both affective and cognitive needs of our gifted and talented students.

Elementary Program

千百万平台Grades K-6

Junior High Program

千百万平台Grades 7-8

High School Program

Grades 9-12


千百万平台For Parents, Students and Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the program

Contact the Gifted and Talented Department

Arizona Mandated 千百万平台

  • Teachers of the gifted must be certified with a .
  • Gifted services must be provided to students who score at the 97th percentile or above on the verbal, quantitative, or spatial sub-test of a state approved test.
  • Gifted students must be provided special education services commensurate with academic ability and potential through differentiated instruction in content, process, product and/or learning environment.
  • Gifted and Talented Scope and Sequence

Program Eligibility

Testing for the gifted and talented program on a state approved test is offered three times during each school year.  Any student scoring a 97th percentile or above qualifies for differentiated instruction provided through numerous service options.

Arizona Definition of Gifted and Talented

 defines a gifted child as "any child of lawful school age who displays superior intellect, advanced learning ability or both and who needs special instruction and services to reach appropriate levels of achievement."

千百万平台Please see the  for more information.

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